Zenith Story

Zenith Window Cleaning strives to be a business that provides quality work and dependable service.  We feel successful when our customers look good!  You have heard us talk about Zenith as a “Business as Ministry” model and in fact, we have recently talked in detail about it a few months ago (click here to read that post.)  

Our team is VERY intentional in creating relationships with our customers.  Questions like “How’s business?”  “How was your weekend?” are asked, and in time, deeper questions are asked and relationships are developed.  Those conversations have created conversations about fears, stress in life and even spiritual conversations.  Just last week, another great conversation took place.  A manager for one of our customers was following up on a conversation from the previous week in which he was assaulted and had some broken ribs.  This week, he was sharing how his shoulder was really hurting, he could not sleep and due to lack of insurance, vacation time and finances, concluded that nothing could be done about it.  This was his new “normal”.  After hearing this newest update and seeing the pain he was in, I began to share with him some stories of God, our Father, healing me from different injuries and a stroke.  He was intrigued, so I asked him if he would be willing to have me pray for his shoulder…feeling a bit awkward, he said “go for it”…so I did.

I prayed a simple but sincere prayer because a customer was about to enter the store.  He thanked me and I left.  I stopped by to see him today-a week later-and the first thing he said was “your prayer worked! Beginning that day, I have been able to sleep!”  Too cool! So now, obviously our conversations are deeper than the weather or how the Broncos are doing.  Join me in praying for “Tim” and that he will experience full healing and even greater, the Living Water that Jesus speaks of in John 7:37.

Feel free to email me at tom@worshipandtheword.com to set up a time for me to share with you some more stories from our Window Cleaning journey.  If youre interested in learning how you can help us grow and reach the city for Christ by cleaning windows or want to pray for our customers, give me a holler!  Thank you!